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Inside Outside

June 17, 2020 \ City & Land
by multiple authors
Inside Outside

Our outdoor spaces have never been more valuable. As we re-think how we behave as individuals and operate as businesses, centres of culture, learning, sport and health, our outdoor spaces give us optimism that we can still gather, and reclaim some normality. To do so relies on organisations turning themselves inside-out; casting a mould of their internal operations and culture, and bravely turning it out onto the pavement.

For some organisations, this is second nature, but others will need to take action to enhance or reinforce their external spaces, to enable people to come together. We recognise the significant shifts already happening, the temporary restrictions on cars for example, but also ask: can we push that further?

“By understanding the challenges and opportunities that spring from this crisis, we aspire to support organisations transform our streets and outdoor space.”

At a recent Monday morning, our City and Land group shared some of their research on this topic, and imagined what the short and long-term future of our cities might look like.

Can you hear me ok?

April 24, 2020 \ Briefing
by Ana Teresa Cristobal
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