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An Encyclopaedia of Building

July 9, 2020 \ Education
by Karen Nugent
An Encyclopaedia of Building

While we are currently denied a physical studio and are rapidly trying to create a digital replacement, we have been reviewing some of our projects as part of our internal CPD programme. This week we reflected on our project for Northumbria University’s Architecture and Built Environment department completed last year.

It’s been over three months since we left the design studio at Page\Park and started working remotely. While we’ve learnt new skills and adapted quickly to our digitally networked studio, we miss the ease of communication and the incidental conversations our physical studio provides.  The creative buzz, access to resources and plenty of folk to bounce ideas off are just some of the things we need from our studio.  

Similar themes informed our design for new studios for Northumbria University Architecture and Built Environment department. The client competition brief emphasised the importance of the studio space to their teaching culture. Our response tries to give them space to colonise, to take inspiration from and make a new collegiate home. 

“The communal studio is fundamental to our architectural practice. It creates a space for collaboration, a sense of working together for a common purpose, the chance for incidental conversation to trigger a new idea or informal support when you hit a creative brick wall.”

The competition brief headlined the need for more studio space for each student and the importance of that communal space to develop, share and present ideas. They talked about making a new home with all that implies about a sense of belonging and security, somewhere to inhabit.

Looked at through the lens of Christopher Alexander’s, ‘A Pattern Language’, an amazing encyclopaedia of vernacular building, itself a communal enterprise with Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein, Max Jacobson, Ingrid Fiksdahl-King and Shlomo Angel but usually attributed solely to Alexander by that ruthless tyrant convenience, we have picked six ideas to illustrate our approach:

Healthy Materials

June 30, 2020 \ Interiors
by Catrìona Macdonald

Well designed interiors are good for your health.

4728An Encyclopaedia of Building